Environmentally friendly cold asphalt for safer roads

GreenPatch cold asphalt is enviromentally friendly cold patch asphalt used for pothole repair, patching of utility cuts, reparing of damages around manholes and drains. GreenPatch cold asphalt is a breakthrough in the cold asphalt industry and contains none of the petroleum based softeners such as diesel, toluene, kerosene, and naphthalene used in traditional cold asphalt. Without sacrificing quality or increasing cost, we deliver a hight quality material for making our roads safer.

Easy to fix!

Potholes appear often in cold regions due to low temperatures, as water expands when it freezes to form ice, and puts greater stress on an already cracked pavement or road. It is easy to repare a pothole with cold patch asphalt before the damage become too large. There is no need in special equipment and cold patch asphalt can be used year round in any weather. Roads can be open for traffic straigt away and repairs are permanent.

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