Our contribution to a better environment

To reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and contribute to the environment, we together with Seabord Asphalt Products have developed GreenPatch cold asphalt. This environmentally friendly cold patch asphalt satisfies the demand for reduced emission of CO2 and VOCs, lowered dependace on raw oil, and usage of renewabale and biodegradable materials.
GreenPatch cold asphalt is a breakthrough in the cold asphalt industry and contains none of the petroleum based solvents such as diesel, toluene, kerosene, and naphthalene used in traditional cold asphalt. We use only biodegradable and renewable additives.
GreenPatch cold patch is manufactured at a much lower temperature than the conventional mix reducing fuel consumption by 70 percent. Simple production method, use of local raw materials and low energy consumption provide for reduced greenhouse gas emissions.
GreenPatch does not contain any VOCs (volatile organic compounds). A major source of man-made VOCs are coatings, especially paints and protective coatings. Many VOCs are dangerous to human health or cause harm to the environment.

REactive cold patch asphalt

REaktiv Cold patch reactive asphalt is specially modified asphalt that, on contact with water, reacts to rapidly cure and harden. REaktiv is a construction-grade material, equivalent in strength and durability to standard hot mix.
In the production of the binder, rapeseed oil is mixed with bitumen emulsion to improve stability. This in combination with low temperatures in the production process and the reactive system eliminates more or less the emission of CO2 and VOC.
Using natural raw materials and eliminating the use of petroleum-based additives reach a permanent reduction of the CO2 values. Use of REaktiv cold path contributes to saving energy.
The binder is plant based with bitumen and represents a total weight of up to 8% of the finished product. Ideal for repairing areas around manhole covers, trenches and utility cuts, core hole drills, golf carts and bike paths, potholes and uneven surfaces, driveways and sidewalks.