Tools for pothole repair

The Slidehammer is a unique system for pothole repair. The Slidehammer is a digging, cutting, driving, chipping and compacting tool comprising manually operated impact-generating handle and three interchangeable points.
slidehammer - huggmejsel

Narrow Chisel

Is used for breaking up concrete, bricks and stone as well as digging holes and splitting timber.

slidehammer - huggjärn

Wide Chisel

Is used for cutting asphalt or tree roots, and is particularly effective for pothole repairs.

slidehammer - stöt


Is used for compacting cold asphalt or soil around posts.


The hand operated jack hammer consists of two parts; a tubular steel handle and a solid steel tool bit. The handle slides over the tool bit, so as to deliver an impact blow to the top end of the tool.
  • The interchangeable tool bits are around 1000mm in length and weigh between 5.5kg and 7kg.
  • The top of the handle is ergonomically shaped so as to provide a handgrip. The handle is 860mm long and weighs 6kg
  • The hand operated jack hammer measures 1800mm fully extended (which is the same as a conventional crowbar).
  • The tool ends are made from selected high grade steel with ends subject to hardening to minimize this.
  • The handle has a stroke of 620mm.


To get the highest impact force it's important to maintain a constant point of contact with the object being stuck, thus the force is being applied more accurately and efficiently.
The smoot motion of the Slidehammer delivers up to ten times the impact of an ordinary crow bar. The stroke lenght rather than the power of the operator provides for the highest impact force.
When used correctly, the Slidehammer reduces the risk of damaging mucsles, joints and ligaments for the operator. As the Slidehammer maintains its point of contact it also reduces the risk of the operator being injured from a deflecting blow.